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Does Air Asia need to be a brand?

Whenever I find a brand that matches its offerings to my requirements for value, I become not only a brand loyalist but also a brand ambassador. For years I was a Marco Polo member and sang the praises of Cathay Pacific to anyone who would listen. Then about 15 years ago I moved to Malaysia. … Continue reading

The organization is the brand

This is a classic example of how a brand that spends millions on external branding, needs to also look at internal branding. BMW has a number of dealers in Malaysia however, as far as I can determine, there are only 2 main dealers in the Klang Valley. We bought a BMW 3 series new from … Continue reading

Fascinating statistic

Wal-Mart took 25 years to reach the $10 billion mark in gross merchandise sales and Microsoft took 16 years. Using technology, modern marketing based on a significant investment in branding, eBay did it in just seven.

Positioning, part two

A couple of respondents to this blog (and thank you all for commenting) have used Coke and Seven up as examples of successful positioning strategies. I appreciate they are great brands and they were built up over time but that was during an economy that no longer exists. Many sugary drinks launched in more recent … Continue reading

Definition of a Brand

A brand is a long-term profitable bond between an offering and a customer. This relationship is based on economic, emotional and/or experiential value, backed by everyday operational excellence and consistently measurement, usually by customer profitability. FusionBrand 2009.