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Rapidkl scores a branding own goal

RapidKL the operating arm of Government ownded company Prasarana recently took 8 corporate leaders on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) so that they could experience public transport and more importantly, be seen to be taking public transport in an apparent effort to “encourage the culture within their organization(s) and the public in general, as well … Continue reading

100 brilliant ads but are they relevant?

The print industry is changing rapidly. Publications are increasingly niche or evolving around new industries such as airbnb. The hospitality company with the largest inventory of beds but doesn’t own a single hotel launched Pineapple last year. It doesn’t aim to market the brand but instead inspire people to travel and of course hopefully use … Continue reading

5 reasons why advertising doesn’t work

I recently wrote an article on the state of advertising which you can read here. The post went viral and I have been criticised a lot, especially on Linkedin and you can read the comments here. I still don’t think advertising is effective. Here are 5 more reasons why advertising doesn’t work 1) I’m not … Continue reading

Humanising your brand on social media

Just about every survey I read suggests social media marketing will take a larger piece of marketing budgets over the next 5 years. One recent survey suggested social media spending will increase 144% over current levels by 2019. But few companies in SE Asia really know how to use Social Media, especially when it comes … Continue reading

How Malaysia Airlines can rebuild its troubled Brand

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) embarked on a massive restructuring plan towards the end of 2011 with the goal being to reduce costs and return to full year profitability in 2013. At the same time, the airline reported a staggering RM2.52 Billion (US$850 million) loss for 2011. MAS didn’t realise its stated goal because in late February … Continue reading