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How to get the competition to advertise your brand

DHL understands better than most that a traditional advertising campaign is expensive and ineffective. But it still wanted to market itself, especially in the face of more efficient and effective competition. So the firm decided to trick its competitors into advertising DHL across a city in the US. DHL sent packages via competitors such as … Continue reading

Advertising doesn’t work, just ask Microsoft

This is a great ad for Windows 8 from Microsoft Portugal (stick around for the ending) but it’s a corporate driven message and in the social economy, consumers no longer believe or trust corporate driven messages. On seeing this ad, the first thing most consumers will do is search the net for more information. I … Continue reading

Print advertising done right

Because of the massive increase in advertising noise and clutter, it’s getting increasingly difficult for advertisers to capture the attention of consumers with traditional print ads. You’d expect therefore that Malaysian advertising agencies would increasingly push the creative envelope, to develop material that makes consumers stop, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest. Sadly, and for … Continue reading

British Airways promotion

One of the greatest branding success stories has to be British Airways, the blue riband aviation brand. Recently the airline hired agency BBH to create a new campaign to explain the history of the company. The final work can be seen below As part of their work, the agency chose a row of 747s at … Continue reading

First rule of auto advertising – keep it real!

We are carpet bombed with messages from the moment we wake up till the moment we go to sleep. Little wonder then that studies show we are increasingly oblivious to these messages. As a result advertising agencies are increasingly hard pressed to cut through all the clutter and make us look, listen and absorb. To … Continue reading