Great advertising should help build a relationship

Some TV commercials are remembered for the commercial and some for the product and others for the brand. Although they will never admit it, a lot of agencies want you to remember the commercial whilst the brand wants you to remember the brand so you will go out and look for it and then buy it.

Of course from a branding perspective, it is then that you need to build the relationship with the customer to try and cross sell and/or upsell them, either then or at a later date or to get them to become brand influencers. This is marketing 101 yet it never ceases to amaze me how much money firms spend on marketing (which includes advertising) to acquire a customers yet very little on retaining a customer. In fact it amazes me how much they spend on marketing what is obviously a great product but very little on training retail staff to match the product attributes to a customer’s requirements for value.

Anyway, I came across this fantastic TV commercial for LG TVs. It really grabbed my attention and made me think of buying a TV. Unfortunately I’m not in the market for a TV so I won’t be going to check out the LG TVs. But if any of you are looking to buy a TV and this generates some interest, let me know how you get on at the point of sale. Assuming of course that this model is available here.


2 thoughts on “Great advertising should help build a relationship

  1. You bring up the very point that most business owners struggle with in their content marketing strategy: “How do we connect with the customer?” Building a relationship takes patience, and only the smart CEO or entrepreneur will understand the need for a developed marketing program that builds over time.


  2. Edwin, well said. And it would appear that most CEOs are either not smart or lazy/impatient because too many of them are wasting money on advertising campaigns that do little more than annoy consumers, not entice them. And if a customer does somehow find himself buying a company product, the company then lets them leave without even an attempt at trying to build a relationship. Instead, preferring to ‘hope’ they will return.

    A large number of Malaysian firms think that giving a discount is some sort of clever strategy. It isn’t because there will always be someone out there who can do what you do cheaper. If they invested those discounts into building relationships, not only would they make more money, they would also stay in business.


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