Insights into branding in Asia

A brand & branding. The 2 things you need to make your ‘work from home’ Instagram offering a real business

A network of entrepreneurs or small businesses working from home is nothing new. In Malaysia, sundry shops, restaurants & bars, workshops, clinics, pawnshops even real estate agents & lawyers have operated out of the front of their premises while living at the back or upstairs for 200 years. What’s changed though since the first shophouses… More

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Why it’s dangerous to hire the wrong freelancer

Even before the arrival of COVID19, the bottom had fallen out of the freelancer market in Malaysia. Once upon a time, freelancing was seen as the best of both worlds, work to your own routine, don’t have to answer to a dictatorial boss while only taking clients you wanted. Sadly life is rarely so simple… More

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10 ways to ensure your business becomes a brand in 2020

This is not a piece about the latest technological advances, gimmicks toys or 5G, 8K, robotics, foldables, AI and other buzz words. It’s about preparing your business to compete in 2020 and beyond! So what will be the big branding shifts in Malaysia in 2020? Here are ten developments that will help you take your… More

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