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Which is your favourite 2015 Christmas ad?

According to a recent Nielsen report, 9 out of 10 Malaysians believe the country is currently in a state of recession and are tightening their belts as a consequence. This has led the Malaysia Retailers Association to lower their retail growth forecast to 4% with quarterly growth rates at their lowest since the Asian financial … Continue reading

Brand deflation in Asia

Luxury brands are working hard to keep up with a more dynamic environment with more discerning, knowledgeable customers who have different requirements for value. To retain these customers requires a greater understanding of the those requirements and less emphasis on the mass economy tools such as positioning, reach, awareness. Loyalty is also less of a … Continue reading

A nice tactical campaign from Nestle

Nestle in the UK has come up with a great tactical campaign to sell some iconic chocolate bars. The campaign, called ‘We will find you’ is simple. They’ve placed a military grade tracking device in the wrappers of six top selling chocolate bars and spread them around the UK. Posters have been put up around … Continue reading

Asia is the darling of luxury brands

As the effects of government stimuli wear off and with the global economy heading towards a double dip recession that will impact the traditionally wealthy economies of Europe, the US and Japan more than most, luxury brands have been looking to Asia for salvation. And they’ve probably found it. Despite the recession, the consultants, Bain … Continue reading