A great example of how to drive traffic to your retail outlet in a slow month

Today is a landmark day for retailing in the UK as Selfridges “The best department store in the world*” launches a “No-noise” experience at its major stores across the the country.

It’s a pretty cool concept, offering a Silence Room where customers can ‘find a moment of peace in a world where we are bombarded by a cacophony of information and stimulation’. Customers will be asked to leave their shoes, mobile phones and anything else that makes a noise at the door.

Interestingly the store also aims to reduce the visual noise and has encouraged some brands to offer ‘de-logoed’ products. Paul Smith and Heinz are already onboard with others expected to join in later.

There will also be meditation sessions, quiet music performances (that’ll be a challenge), art exhibitions and motion sensor window displays. Selfridges will also take its name off the classic yellow shopping bags.

You can see more about the Silence Room and other elements of the event on the Selfridges site.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant concept as it understands what customers are looking for and takes experiential branding to a new level. What do you think?

*Global Department Store Summit, Paris. 2012


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