A nice tactical campaign from Nestle

Nestle in the UK has come up with a great tactical campaign to sell some iconic chocolate bars.

The campaign, called ‘We will find you’ is simple. They’ve placed a military grade tracking device in the wrappers of six top selling chocolate bars and spread them around the UK. Posters have been put up around the country and there is a well executed advertising campaign on TV.

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If you are one of the lucky ones and you open one of the six wrappers, the tracking device is activated and sends a signal to an HQ apparently set up for the project.

The HQ will then instruct a team of ‘commandos’ in a helicopter to track you down within 24 hours and ambush you with a delivery of £10,000 (RM50,000) in cash.

Whilst it’s an original, exciting and well executed campaign, I’d like to know what happens if you throw the wrapper away before they track you down?


One thought on “A nice tactical campaign from Nestle

  1. Ahha, I have never seen this campaign before, but GPS chocolate bar sounds fantastic =)) Always loved Nestle for their creativity!


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