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Infographic: The history of marketing

HubSpot, the inbound marketing gurus have come up with an impressive infographic that outlines the history of marketing from the first one dimensional ads of 1450 to the digital, more interactive model of today. It’s a massive infographic that features all the key moments in the evolution of marketing such as the print era that … Continue reading

What’s happening in social marketing in 2013

As the advertising agency driven ‘big idea’ developed to push out a corporate controlled message continues to lose steam, social media and multiple new platforms, devices and applications mean that marketers have less control over the brand. Indeed, as consumers not companies now define brands, those marketers need to learn how to engage consumers on … Continue reading

Cross platform marketing to build a brand

Cross platform marketing to build a brand

It is accepted now that consumers are paying less attention to traditional media. Although the TV or the radio may be on, it doesn’t mean they are viewed or heard. And with the proliferation of ads and trailers, more consumers are reaching for other screens during a break in programming. But marketers still insist on … Continue reading

Marketing is dead

In June 2009 I wrote a blog post explaining that in today’s social economy where consumers not companies define brands, the concept of positioning was no longer relevant. You can read the full article here but the crux of the article is that the concept of positioning, a key element of marketing is no longer … Continue reading

Sri Lanka: A Big Miracle

After the domestic travel trade complained repeatedly that it doesn’t spend enough money promoting the country internationally, The Sri Lanka tourism development Authority (SLTDA) announced that it will launch a new tourism campaign in the next few months to increase visibility in key source markets. The campaign is expected to be in addition to existing … Continue reading

Dulux goes local

I expect most people around the world recognise international paint brand Dulux. In its early days Dulux wasn’t available through retail channels because painters and decorators were the firm’s main customers. However in the 1950s, the firm still spoke to consumers in its advertising, telling them to, “Say Dulux to your decorator”. The goal of … Continue reading

Is positioning still relevant today? Part three

Here are some thought starters related to my belief that positioning is generally a pointless exercise: According to Industry Week magazine, 70% of today’s manufactured goods will be obsolete in six years. There are estimated to be more than 30,000 new product introductions in the US alone every year, just in the packaged goods market. … Continue reading