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Infographic: The history of marketing

HubSpot, the inbound marketing gurus have come up with an impressive infographic that outlines the history of marketing from the first one dimensional ads of 1450 to the digital, more interactive model of today. It’s a massive infographic that features all the key moments in the evolution of marketing such as the print era that … Continue reading

Great tips for using email to build your brand

More and more firms are using effective email campaigns in association with their social media initiatives to build brands. This is because an email campaign allows you to know who is opening your emails, which links they’re clicking on and how many of your them are forwarding your emails to their friends. The right product … Continue reading

Email and your brand, part three

Sticking with the use of email as a tactic within your brand strategy, I came across this interesting graphic showing when are the best times to send emails. Thanks Chuan Choong for the heads up. But even if you get the timing right and the recipient does actually scan or even read the email, there … Continue reading

Direct Mail, Email and your brand

Direct Mail and Email marketing are critical components of any branding strategy for either a business to business or business to consumer brand. And it is a growing business. But the quality of Direct Mail and Email marketing in Malaysia and the mining and management of the databases used is horrendous. If you own a … Continue reading

Mass emails have a negative effect on your brand

In the early days of the Internet, as brands tried to capitalize on the consumer accessibility email addresses offered, spam was a real problem. But more efficient filters and the ineffectiveness of the one-size-fits-all mass marketing approach soon saw a reduction in spam. Unfortunately, after a brief lull, the amount of mind numbingly irrelevant and … Continue reading