Proton must fast track core branding activities

Proton Edar CEO Hisham Othman stated recently that the company “Would pay greater attention to product quality and customer service”.

That’s a suitably vague statement that can be open to multiple interpretations and I’ll be commenting on it in greater detail soon. In the meantime, here is a useful graphic from Teletech that should help Proton accelerate the project.

Proton must accelerate its customer service programme
Proton must accelerate its customer service programme

5 thoughts on “Proton must fast track core branding activities

  1. just feel that marketing DOM responsibilities will roll into the finance dept’s CFO responsibilities for ROI more and more as the evolution of business moves forward. Systems and processes in the trenches are far more important than the unaccountable billboards and commercials I GUESS??? who really knows? If word of mouth is the most effective advertising, guest experience will rule the marketing budget NOT creative and cute ads


      1. Need Proton CEO to expose himself to the audience (external customers) as a brand ambassador…Public not knowing him compare with the previous CEO such as Dato Syed and Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel. I believe the great company rely on their great leader…leader walk the talk…


      2. Hi

        Thanks for taking the time to comment.

        I agree, the CEO does have a low profile. I also think Proton has lost sight of its brand strategy and is focussing too much on tactical advertising and discounts to increase sales. These may increase sales but the branding graveyard is full of automotive brands that mistook this tactic for branding.


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