Email and your brand, part three

Sticking with the use of email as a tactic within your brand strategy, I came across this interesting graphic showing when are the best times to send emails. Thanks Chuan Choong for the heads up.

But even if you get the timing right and the recipient does actually scan or even read the email, there are certain rules that must be adhered to.

You must be honest (in the US, deceptive subject lines are illegal) and transparent by revealing routing information such as the originator email address.

Make sure you offer recipients an opt out method and if they opt out, accept it and don’t add them back again three months later.

If you want to be taken seriously, I suggest you also include your physical address and website in any emails.

It is important too to make sure you track the effectiveness of your email campaigns and analyse the results. Create a source code for each campaign, track response rates, cost in terms of personnel, financial and time.

But most important of all is the content of the email and whether it is personalised and relevant to the target.

Here is another email that I received recently. From memory lane it is an absolute shocker. It isn’t personalised, it doesn’t resonate with me, the content is dull and uninspiring and the design, if I may call it that is dreadful.

When I receive a good example I will post it!


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