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Print advertising done right

Because of the massive increase in advertising noise and clutter, it’s getting increasingly difficult for advertisers to capture the attention of consumers with traditional print ads. You’d expect therefore that Malaysian advertising agencies would increasingly push the creative envelope, to develop material that makes consumers stop, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest. Sadly, and for … Continue reading

Another argument for building brands

A year ago, the Wall Street Journal was telling us that wealthy consumers were suffering from ‘luxury shame’. Others were talking about the end of the luxury business. Certainly, the luxury business took a massive hit when the sub prime crisis blew up and the repercussions were still being felt at the end of 2009 … Continue reading

Used BMW ad campaign in Germany

I’m not sure if this is a genuine ad but it certainly got my attention and appeals to the neanderthal in me! It probably isn’t genuine because the copy is in English and there is limited contact information but I’ll share it with you anyway!

The organization is the brand

This is a classic example of how a brand that spends millions on external branding, needs to also look at internal branding. BMW has a number of dealers in Malaysia however, as far as I can determine, there are only 2 main dealers in the Klang Valley. We bought a BMW 3 series new from … Continue reading