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Social Media in action – a case study

For whatever reason, a guy in the UK called Richard Neill posted a comment on the Facebook page of Bodyform, the manufacturer of female hygiene product Maxipad. Richard complained that Bodyform had lied to him through their advertising. Apparently Richard watched Bodyform commercials on a regular basis as a child and young man and couldn’t … Continue reading

Five steps to creating a CEO brand

According to a survey by Forbes, 70% of professionals believe they have defined their personal brand and 50% believe they are living it but in fact after greater analysis the report states that less than 15% of executives have actually defined their personal brand and less than 5% are actually living it at work on … Continue reading

Storytelling must be part of your brand strategy

Telling a story has always been an important element of brand building but sadly too many CEOs have left it to advertising agencies and creative campaigns to try and tell their story. This model is flawed because it nearly always focuses more on creativity than content. It is also flawed because few brands have the … Continue reading