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Street art goes to war against outdoor advertising

Here’s something interesting from the UK. A group of artists from the UK, Italy and France have embarked on a project around the UK that is called “Brandalism” which aims to “challenge the destructive impacts of the advertising industry.” Brandalism is essentially a campaign to hijack a number of billboards around London and ‘refresh’ them … Continue reading

5 branding tips for Malaysia Airlines to save its troubled brand

Earlier this month, troubled Malaysian carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) reported a staggering RM2.52 Billion (US$850 million) loss for 2011. Despite the tough economic climate, a number of competitor airlines – British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific all reported a profitable year. Soon after, Group CEO of MAS Ahmad Jauhari announced that he will implement … Continue reading

Repositioning won’t solve Nokia’s problems

In 2002, Nokia was Britain’s number two super brand; by 2010 it was 89th. But Nokia doesn’t have a branding problem. Although I no longer use a Nokia, I still have some brand loyalty and track the performance of the Finnish mobile phone behemoth and although it’s global share of mobile sales dropped below 30% … Continue reading

What Malaysia must do to build a Nation Brand

Traditionally, Tourism Malaysia has had the responsibility of raising the awareness and promotion of Malaysia. And Tourism Malaysia has worked hard to build awareness of the country as a tourist destination and on the whole, it has been reasonably successful. But in an increasingly competitive world, Malaysia is not just in a global competition to … Continue reading

Is positioning still relevant today? Part three

Here are some thought starters related to my belief that positioning is generally a pointless exercise: According to Industry Week magazine, 70% of today’s manufactured goods will be obsolete in six years. There are estimated to be more than 30,000 new product introductions in the US alone every year, just in the packaged goods market. … Continue reading

Is Positioning still relevant today? Part two

Recently I wrote a blog post questioning the relevance of positioning today. You can read the full post here. A fellow blogger called Pepita responded with some well thought out and pertinent comments. Below are her comments, taken from the comments section and re posted here together with my responses embedded within the questions. Pepita: … Continue reading

Why are you still using positioning to build a brand?

Back in the late 1960s, Al Ries and Jack Trout published their first article on positioning. But the term didn’t really become advertising jargon until the articles entitled “The Positioning Era”, were published in Advertising Age in the early 1970’s. You can read the original articles here There are numerous definitions of what positioning is … Continue reading