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Social Media is not a branding silver bullet

A brand is built not on acquisition but on retention. And retention requires a relationship. And a relationship is based primarily on ‘Trust and an ongoing, sustained engagement, on customer terms that provides economic, experiential and emotional value to the customer’. That’s what branding is all about. It’s not a communications exercise. It won’t happen … Continue reading

Louis Vuitton in a spot of bother over print ads

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has received complaints that print ads for Louis Vuitton created by Ogilvy and Mather suggest that the products were made by hand. Certainly looking at this ad that shows a woman creating the lines for the folds of a wallet and also this ad that appears to … Continue reading

Nation Branding and Social Media

A key element of a successful nation branding initiative depends on how well your audience absorbs, understands, adopts and redistributes the message based on their requirements for value. Back in the day this was done at a coffee shop, sundry store, mosque, church, football club or where ever else consumers congregated. Today those same people … Continue reading

Take control of your ad placement

I’ve decided to make these real time observations of branding blunders/negative brand association individual posts instead of putting them all together. This latest one is a real gem. Essentially it is an argument between the British meat industry and the World Cancer Research Fund about the the dangers (or not) of red meat. The article … Continue reading

Negative brand association, real world examples

In October of last year, I wrote a piece on my blog about negative brand association. You can read the short post here David Ansett of Storm in Australia approached the subject from a different angle and you can read his piece here Essentially, my attitude is that if the concept of positioning a product … Continue reading