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Stop advertising and start branding part II

A fascinating insight into the social media and mobile shopping habits of consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore has just been released by SDL in the UK. The survey size is a little small – 4,000 people in four countries – but the results unearth new data on how social media … Continue reading

Brand deflation in Asia

Luxury brands are working hard to keep up with a more dynamic environment with more discerning, knowledgeable customers who have different requirements for value. To retain these customers requires a greater understanding of the those requirements and less emphasis on the mass economy tools such as positioning, reach, awareness. Loyalty is also less of a … Continue reading

It’s getting easier to advertise luxury brands

Newsweek’s announcement that it will transition to an all digital format in 2013 is hardly a surprise. Such global magazines are increasingly expensive to produce and in a niche world, less relevant. But the bigger impact will come in the way advertisers communicate with consumers. According to research carried out by comScore, more tablet users … Continue reading

New BMW 6 series

The Malaysian Automotive Association has forecast total vehicle sales in Malaysia will be 615,000 units in 2012, up 2.5% over 2011. If this figure is reached it will be a record for Asia’s largest passenger car market. This bullish forecast for 2012 is despite the fact that vehicle sales in Q1/2012 dipped 12.6% to 138,544 … Continue reading

British luxury Brands need to take notice of Malaysia

Despite, or because of tough global economic conditions, the retail sector in Malaysia appears in rude health. Development of new malls continues at a phenomenal pace with at least 3,500,000 square foot of additional retail space becoming ready this year in the Klang Valley alone. This will bring the total amount of retail space in … Continue reading

Bentley looks to extend its brand

At the Geneva Auto show in March 2012, the ultra luxury automotive brand Bentley admitted it was considering adding a luxury SUV to its range of vehicles. A month later at the Beijing Auto show the CEO announced that the firm expects to sell 3,000 of the SUV annually once production starts in 2015. You … Continue reading

A tactical fail for a major brand on twitter

Qantas has had a bad run of luck recently and has also made some questionable corporate decisions. Especially in relation to the ongoing wage negotiations with the Transport Workers Union that is threatening further disruption to the Aussie carrier. The most recent Public Relations disaster is related to an attempt by the newly formed social … Continue reading