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Why it pays to build a brand

As they enter the season of contract negotiations, many Asian and Malaysian firms are finding their margins squeezed by the Western brands for which they manufacture products. As they go through this painful process, the question of whether they should explore the possibility of developing their own brands will come to the fore once again. … Continue reading

Malays drinking Guinness

Here’s a lovely old print advertisement from 1968. The ad features a young Malay professional enjoying a pint of Guinness and some satay whilst his admiring and approving wife looks on. The copy tells the reader that Guinness gives you energy when you are tired after work and that there are nutritional benefits to drinking … Continue reading

Repositioning won’t solve Nokia’s problems

In 2002, Nokia was Britain’s number two super brand; by 2010 it was 89th. But Nokia doesn’t have a branding problem. Although I no longer use a Nokia, I still have some brand loyalty and track the performance of the Finnish mobile phone behemoth and although it’s global share of mobile sales dropped below 30% … Continue reading

The top 1,000 brands in Asia – so what!

Following the completion of a research project carried out in conjunction with TNS, the Asia Pacific edition of the globally respected marketing magazine, Campaign Asia has named Sony as the top brand in Asia. According to the study the top 4 positions all went to power house North Asian brands – Sony retained its position … Continue reading

What Malaysia must do to build a Nation Brand

Traditionally, Tourism Malaysia has had the responsibility of raising the awareness and promotion of Malaysia. And Tourism Malaysia has worked hard to build awareness of the country as a tourist destination and on the whole, it has been reasonably successful. But in an increasingly competitive world, Malaysia is not just in a global competition to … Continue reading

Direct Mail, Email and your brand

Direct Mail and Email marketing are critical components of any branding strategy for either a business to business or business to consumer brand. And it is a growing business. But the quality of Direct Mail and Email marketing in Malaysia and the mining and management of the databases used is horrendous. If you own a … Continue reading