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Why the iPad will fail – part four

Apple’s shares took a hit of as much as 3% yesterday after a JP Morgan Chase analyst announced that Apple was reducing orders of parts for its iPad by as much as 25%. This is an interesting move, especially as we’re about to begin the traditionally busy lead up to Christmas. I don’t want to … Continue reading

Why the iPad will fail – Part 3

The announcement yesterday by RIM that it will release a tablet device in early 2011 may be the death knell for the iPad. The new device comes with a 7-inch multi touch touchscreen and a new operating system developed by newly acquired developer QNX. Called the PlayBook (I’m not sure why they came up with … Continue reading

Why the iPad will fail, part 2

As far as I am concerned, Apple is one of the finest brands on the planet. It ticks just about every box for me. Design, product innovation, user interface, image, brand culture, service, communications and so on. But when the iPad launched, I wrote a piece about it and gave 8 reasons why I thought … Continue reading

Branding is more than a communications exercise

The most common definition of a brand that I hear is: “A brand is a name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything that is used to identify and distinguish a specific good (product), service, or business” This comes from the respected American Marketing Association. The problem is that this definition belongs to an era of limited … Continue reading

8 reasons why the iPad will fail

Apple owns some of the finest brands on the planet. And I’m an Apple loyalist and brand ambassador. I bought the green iMac when it first arrived in Malaysia. Even though there wasn’t any software to run on it and because it wasn’t compatible with anything else it required multiple peripherals. And even though it … Continue reading