Steve Jobs has passed away, not Apple

I have to admit that I am a big user of Apple products. At last count I’d say I was responsible for purchasing over 50 Mac desktops over the past 10 years, a dozen or so laptops and iPods, half a dozen iPhones and a whole load of software and apps. I’ve also influenced the purchase of another 100 or so Apple desktops.

But I don’t buy into the Steve Jobs hero worshipping thing that has been going on since the news of his premature death became public knowledge a week or so ago. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of air time his death got on CNN. It went on for days and I can only assume nothing much else was happening in the world.

But I found myself in a minority and so kept my mouth shut. It was reassuring then to read this article entitled “What everyone is too polite to say about Steve Jobs.”

Steve Jobs did a good job but he, or rather those talented individuals who work for him are innovators who have improved a lot of products but I really don’t think they’ve changed the world.

I’ll continue to buy Apple products and I bet the people at Apple will continue to innovate. And judging by this article, for many employees of Apple, working at Apple will be a more pleasurable experience because it would seem that working for Steve Jobs was a tough gig.


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