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‘Think Big’ yes, but first Malaysian business owners must stop thinking cheap

There’s a thought provoking piece in the business section of freemalaysiatoday.com that reports more Malaysians buying Chinese made goods ‘out of economic necessity’. The article says that Malaysians look past the stigma of Chinese products even though there are concerns that they of inferior quality and possibly even dangerous compared to products from other countries. … Continue reading

Malaysian SMEs must start to build brands

This article first appeared in the 28th October 2011 issue of the Malaysian Reserve. The recent budget and the implications of the budget are still being debated but what is clear is that the government is trying to help SMEs. As part of the budget, the prime minister announced a RM100 million SME Revitalisation Fund … Continue reading

Why you should start building your Brand today

This article first appeared in the Friday 29th April 2011 edition of The Malaysian Reserve/International Herald Tribune Does this statement sound familiar? “I know I need to start thinking about building my brand but I don’t know where to start so it can wait.” I’ve heard this statement a lot recently and if it is … Continue reading