Companies have to stop trying to sell stuff to prospects and customers and start coordinating all the resources it has to supplying or satisfying specific customers specific requirements for value.

Consumers don’t want products (or services) they want the products/services they like immediately and personalised. But personalisation in its present form is primitive because of cost, technology, time and lack of appreciation by CEOs. Right now personalisation is nothing more than a colour, sun roof or memory size. Consumers will want to actively shape the offerings and information they receive. It’s already happening in the aircraft/shipping/hospitality etc industries. Hey, even Barbie has 6,000 customisation options!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has bought something that wasn’t quite what I wanted but was bought more in frustration at not finding what I wanted exactly. After a week it was gathering dust in a store room. In the future, with advanced build to order capabilities, even complex products will be produced specifically for one customer and buying products that don’t quite fit the bill be a thing of the past.

This will also have an impact on communications. Existing customers will no longer visit websites, they will have direct access to their own landing page.


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