Don’t expect prospects to build your brand

Yesterday I saw a video on the new sonos zone player. You can find the video on the site here but to brief you it is a cool looking internet radio and itunes player controlled by your iPhone that allows you to play music in all your rooms. Pretty cool so watch the video if you can.

The video was really well executed and I was sold by the end of it. I went to the ‘Find a store’ feature on the site and was impressed to find a dealer not far from my office in Kuala Lumpur. There was even a contact name and email address.

I sent the contact an email but also decided to post a request for information on Twitter. Probably because I have sent emails to electronics dealers in Malaysia before and never heard from them (it’s a fairly unsophisticated business here, dominated by old school Chinese traders). But I sent the email because it is slowly changing, as I found out when I had a technical issue with my Zepellin.

Anyway, I haven’t got a reply to the email but I did get 2 responses to my tweet, one directly from the manufacturer @Sonos and one from the distributor in Singapore @SeowHow.

Incredibly, the manufacturer told me to contact their distributor and the distributor told me to contact his sales office!

Here’s some free advice to ensure your brand doesn’t end up in the bulging cemetary of great brands.

1) Don’t expect an interested prospect to become a customer
2) Treat all your leads/prospects as if they are the most important person in your world
3) Don’t expect a prospect, even an excited prospect with buyer written all over his face, to do all the heavy lifting
4) Your brand may be the be all and end all of your life but it isn’t of anyone elses
5) There is a lot of competition out there


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