The new Malaysia Airlines Brand identity is stunning

Malaysia Airlines has had a torrid couple of years. Bitter court cases and weak management have led to record losses and low morale which in turn have caused the reputation of the brand to diminish in the eyes of the vast majority of Malaysians and other stakeholders.

All this despite huge sums spent on global positioning strategies using one size fits all advertising and other marketing broadcast across traditional channels.

However, in a couple of weeks time the beleaguered national carrier, once considered one of the finest airlines in the world will start scheduled flights of its new Airbus A380 on the potentially lucrative Kuala Lumpur – London – Kuala Lumpur sector.

The new look Malaysia Airlines identity

Looking at the press images, it is hard not to miss the beautiful new identity of the aircraft. Personally I think the new look is stunning – bold colours, sweeping lines, very contemporary yet true to Malaysia’s heritage.

Although there were discussions late last year about new uniforms, I haven’t seen any official announcements to confirm it but one can only assume this new identity will also be reflected in the uniforms of the A380 cabin crew and throughout the rest of the airline as well as in all the collaterals, training of the staff and across all the other brand touchpoints.

The Malaysia Airlines cabin crew uniform has hardly changed since it was introduced in 1982

After all, it wouldn’t make sense to create a new identity for a new plane without integrating it across the whole organisation, right?