Is this the dumbest question ever asked by a marketing publication?

Media Magazine is asking this question:

“Should clients be spending more on tracking effectiveness?” “This year effectiveness is at the top of the agenda. But are clients investing the money they need to to track the performance of campaigns properly?”

I had to read it twice to make sure I understood the question. My initial response is that effectiveness should be at the top of the agenda this year, last year, next year and every other year! If it isn’t, what is? And where is effectiveness on the agenda? Is it on the agenda? It certainly is in FusionBrand discussions. In fact, if it isn’t at the top of the agenda, we tear up the agenda and put it at the top of the new agenda. And we believe every other agency or consultant should do the same. If they don’t, you need to find a new agency.

In fact, we go as far as to say that if it can’t be tracked and measured, there has to be a very good reason why it is being recommended. If the justification is flawed, it doesn’t fly.


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