Can you afford to turn away business?

Yesterday was a watershed day for me.

I asked my secretary to find a new supplier. So she did what everyone does and turned to the Internet. After narrowing down the right search terms, she carried out a search and came up with three websites.

The first one we emailed replied within a couple of hours and asked us to come to their factory to see how they work. The contact made an appointment and followed up with an email with directions to the factory. Excellent.

The second company we called hasn’t replied yet.

We asked the third company we called to come to the office and show us some samples. The contact replied, “We’re very busy for the next two weeks.”

Now I don’t know about you guys but I thought the whole point of a website is to generate leads which are then turned into prospects who are eventually turned into customers.

This company is obviously doing so well they don’t need any new business. I suggest they also take down their website as well as it must be annoying answering the phone to potential customers who don’t simply give them business.


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