Hotlink advertising needs to be better than this

A friend just sent me the link to this ad.

I am sad, confused and bewildered. I mean what is this ad about? What is it for? What is the relevance of a coughing durian or a cat with big eyes and cat emoticons? Wait a minute, there’s a dinosaur in the background wearing a face mask. Is it about respiratory conditions?

The answer is no, it’s for a telco offering free social chat all day or at least I think it is because the closing tagline is ‘Keep the Ohhsome Internet always on’ which suggests to me that the Internet isn’t always on which in fact it is unless perhaps you are a Hotlink subscriber or used to be but now you are not because you don’t want to be associated with such a brand or perhaps Hotlink subscribers couldn’t use Viber, What’s app and all the other free tools for, well free.

Oh I don’t know but the 90 seconds I spent watching it three times to see if I had missed something (I hadn’t) are gone forever.


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