Chuck Norris releases a Van Damme Volvo festive spoof

Volvo trucks is going through a difficult period with a very public spat in the boardroom and stagnant sales in most mature markets. In an attempt to draw attention to its “Dynamic Steering System” the firm released a video featuring Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two reversing lorries.

The Video has been viewed an impressive 62 million times on YouTube since 13th November 2013. You can read more about the video and Volvo here

His Expendables co-star Chuck Norris was so impressed with the 53 year olds flexibility, and possibly worried this might lead to Van Damme getting first dibs on all the upcoming movies that require flexible seniors with strong inner thighs, created his own video.

In the video ‘Chuck Norris’ is seen straddling the wings of two passenger jets with a human Christmas tree of paratroopers in all their kit balanced on his head.

Spoofing the Van Damme commercial even more, he recites a passage from Hamlet over an Inya song as the camera pans out and he does the splits while the paratroopers light flares and ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ fades in.

So far the video has only generated 5,000 views on YouTube but I’m sure that will change over the next week.

Great fun and not selling anything!


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