All the XLVIII Superbowl ads in one place

As the XLVIII Superbowl kicks off in New Orleans, attention turns to the numerous (some would say infuriatingly repetitive) commercials that can cost up to US$4 million (RM12 million) for a thirty second slot – that’s just for the airtime, not the production and other costs.

I’ve had a look at this year’s ads and (no surprises here) amongst other things, there will be beer, cars, singing fish, beer, coke (a bit of controversy around that one, well not really if you are a sensible, well rounded human being but a little bit of controversy, contrived or not does generate more column inches as well as a bit of consumer participation getting into that site during the game will be a challenge) pepsi, sports illustrated models, cowboys, cars and a liberal dash of humour to hold your attention (But no Visa this year).

Of course most people outside the US don’t get to see the ads as they get local content which if, like me you live in Malaysia that means the same Astro trailer repeated a gazillion times.

But anyway, if you would like to see what the best creative talent in the world is doing to get the attention of consumers in the US, watch all the superbowl ads by visiting here

However, if you don’t have more than US$4 million to spend on a TV slot during the superbowl or think you could spend the money more effectively elsewhere or you just like more accountability when it comes to your marketing budget, then have a look at this article at Digiday that gives you an idea of what US$4 million gets you if you take your campaign online.


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