TMI ‘rebranding’ exercise

Yet again the term rebranding is used in the wrong context.
The process of using an advertising company to drive any branding exercise is also doomed to failure but we won’t go there now.

Apparently this Saatchi led programme begins with a campaign to announce the name change, new look and identity. Once that is sorted, they’ll move onto the ‘new brand vision that comes with the new name.’

But this is not a re-branding exercise, it is nothing more than a change of name.

You can change the name of mutton to lamb and make a curry and serve it as lamb curry but but it is still mutton. The moment your guests try to eat it they know immediately that it is not lamb.

A name change cannot be linked to a brand vision because the brand vision should represents the requirements for value of the brand’s customers and has nothing to do with the corporate name, image or logo etc.

We’ll keep an eye on this story…


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