Use real life experiences to build your brands

Most advertising industry professionals will tell you that consumers are finding it hard to pay attention to traditional advertising.

 As a simple example from the automotive industry, in 2009, General Motors spent US$2.2 billion on advertising just in the United States. Despite this colossal investment, total 2009 sales were down 30 per cent on the previous year.

 Admittedly this was a tough year as the US tried to adjust to the economic downturn and the company went through a painful restructuring under bankruptcy protection.

 A recent article in the Economist stated it takes over US$1 billion to build a brand in Europe and the USA, using traditional marketing methods.

 I was reading through the papers recently and came across this image of a Land Rover in UK during the recent bad weather. I don’t know about you but this image made a huge impression on me.

 If I were Land Rover, I would ditch all my beautifully produced corporate collateral and just send this image out to all my prospects with an offer of a test drive at their convenience!