About me

My name is Marcus Osborne, I work for a company called Fusionbrand and my first book Stop Advertising, Start Branding was published in 2016 and got to number 46,000 out of 5 million books on Amazon. Yes, I’m pleased with myself!

I’m British and I live in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. I’ve lived here since 1994 and before Malaysia I lived in Bahrain, Oman, France and the UK. I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world for both work and pleasure.

Most people who come here fall in love with the country and I am no exception. Malaysia is a blessed country with extensive natural resources, including oil, tin, coal, fish and of course farmed resources such as oil palm and rubber, as well as the most valuable resource of all, water. Plus coffee, cocoa, pepper, tropical fruits and an abundance of fish off its hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches.

It is a cultural melting pot that is evolving at a breathtaking pace. But its greatest resource is its people. If Malaysians can cope with the pace of change, Malaysia will have a role to play in a world at which Asia is the heart. I feel privileged to be here to witness this evolution.

I’m married to my long suffering and breathtakingly beautiful, intelligent and tolerant Malaysian wife and we have 3 children and a dog, cat and rabbit.

I also have a vested interest in the future success of Malaysia because my children are growing up as Malaysians. I may not be able to vote but I have the skills to help Malaysian firms move from OEM to OBM, a move they must make to flourish in the new economy. Furthermore, technology gives me a platform to contribute.

I enjoy Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, humour and combative conversation, preferably, but not always, in that order!

Do I miss anything about England? Yes, undoubtedly the summer. Edith Wharton sums it up best: Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Disclaimer, one other thing, all the articles on this site are without prejudice.

Marcus Osborne, Kuala Lumpur, November 2019.


29 thoughts on “About me

  1. Saw your comments on AdAge. I’m in the USA and I received a graduate degree in Advertising/Creative Brand Management from the VCU Brandcenter (Richmond, Va) so branding is a passion of mine…..I will definitely bookmark your blog.


    1. Hi
      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

      I’m not sure if you received your degree recently, but if you did, congratulations! Now it’s time to go out to work so you can pay dad back!


  2. Great blog. I like the honest views on some of the “brand management” one finds here in Malaysia. There are a few posts that would be highly valuable for some clients. Hopefully they will soon embrace the power of a brand and get it “all right”.

    Best Regards

    Stefan Pertz


  3. Hi, it seems like you have vast experience and expertise in the field. May i know how do i contact you for some collaborations?


  4. great articles. i love to read it. thanks to share your inside thoughts.

    it would be great, if the article are linked with facebook. (share).



  5. Hi, my colleague Sue just passed me your note on Twitter about a possible book. Do you want to let me have your contacts details and I’ll be happy to chat about it. Thanks, Jonathan


  6. Great blog. I like the honest views on some of the “brand management” one finds here in Malaysia. There are a few posts that would be highly valuable for some clients. Hopefully they will soon embrace the power of a brand and get it “all right”.


  7. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!


  8. Hi,

    I’m a Malaysian currently furthering my tertiary studies in the U.S.

    By random chance I stumbled across this blog and am fascinated by the interesting insights that you write about. Keep up and maybe some day we’ll have a chat at the local mamak when I’m back from the land of burgers.




    1. Hi Bernard

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, reading the content and posting such positive comments.

      I would be interested to learn more about your work and branding in the Philippines. I tried to access your website but couldn’t get in. Do let me know when I can access it.

      Best regards



  9. Love the blog. Actually in the process of reading from the back all the way to the front as I’m a student of branding in Asia and you’ve got great insight. Thanks for your hard work and contribution.


    1. Hey Bobby
      Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you like my content. I see you are in Busan so we are practically neighbours! I’m just wrapping up a book so I will let you know when it is out there and I hope you’ll buy a copy! But no hard feelings if you don’t! Best regards Marcus


  10. Yes Marcus, same ques, I would like to stay in touch with you. Please contact me via email ya. Thanks!


    1. Hi Chye Hong. Sorry, I’ve only just seen this! I should look at the ‘about me’ page more often! I don’t have your email, can you contact me? My email address is my first name at fusionbrand dot com


  11. “Malaysia is a cultural melting pot” – so types the man who in a post referred to London as Londinistan. In any case I thought London was supposed to be the poster boy for the fairy-tale nonsense called multiculturalism? – clearly what works in Malaysia doesn’t work in London. You live in Kuala Lumpur so you have my sympathies – a contender for the dullest city in Asia perhaps? Still at least you are away from “the minor northern city inhabited by pregnant 15 year olds…” You didn’t exactly name the place but then I guess your experience of the U.K north of the M25 is a bit sketchy primarily on account of you never travelling beyond it.
    Kind regards,
    Guy (“a Gwelio from an ex European colonial power” currently living in Canada)


    1. Hello Guy,

      Thanks for your unexpected message. Not sure what your point is and I don’t remember referring to London as Londinistan but it’s a term I’ve heard used many times especially by left leaning rags like the groanian, perhaps you read it there?

      As for the ‘minor northern city…’ reference, I don’t remember writing that either and to be honest I can’t imagine thinking so creatively.

      Finally, your knowledge of my geographic experience of the UK is way off the mark too.


      1. Hi Marcus – I found you defending Malaysia compared to the UK on a social forum a few years ago after all I’m hardly going to find you here as branding like so much of the yawn inducing corporate world holds little appeal. I guess it’s kind of positive that you remembered using the term “Londinistan” – whilst happily praising multiculturalism when it suits you as in your profile above although the other bit where you mentioned:”pregnant 15 year olds in minor northern cities” has clearly passed you by but no matter what’s a bit of class prejudice and misogyny anyway – you on the other hand consider it creative !? For the record Londinistan is an expression more used by Daily Mail journalists rather than the Guardian but hey I’m more of a spiked-online, Spectator & New York times reader.Take care, Kind regards, Guy


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