How to get the competition to advertise your brand

DHL understands better than most that a traditional advertising campaign is expensive and ineffective. But it still wanted to market itself, especially in the face of more efficient and effective competition. So the firm decided to trick its competitors into advertising DHL across a city in the US. DHL sent packages via competitors such as … Continue reading

5 Global Brands that will fail in 2014

5 Global Brands that will fail in 2014

Business today is brutally competitive. Many brands that have done the hard graft to get to the top of their industry, fail to stay there. It used to be that if you made it to the top you were sitting pretty. Not anymore, getting to the top is the easy part. Staying there is now … Continue reading

A round up of the top Christmas ads from the UK

In the UK, the Christmas advertising season has begun and all the major retailers have pushed the creative envelope in an attempt to create both memorable and effective above the line advertising that will increase awareness, drive visitors to stores and improve sales at the most competitive time of the year for retailers. In November … Continue reading

Is this the scariest tyre commercial of all time?

This Japanese commercial for tyre manufacturer Autoway comes with a health warning that recommends those with a heart condition, physical or mental problems or those who visit their doctor on a regular basis should not watch it. It’s a clever if rather radical attempt to sell tyres. I’ve written about ‘shock and awe’ advertising here. … Continue reading

Endless possibilities have ceased to be endless

It’s official, the new tagline that was supposed to launch the Malaysia Nation Brand will not now be used. The official launch for “Endless Possibilities” was supposed to be yesterday however it was cancelled. You can read more about the cancellation here. My sources tell me that McKinsey, Futurebrand, Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson and O&M … Continue reading

How to develop a measurable content marketing plan

As the corporate driven creative message is assigned to the advertising graveyard, and content becomes the key tool to engage consumers the ability to use content to build a story around your brand is more important than ever before. If you know and understand your customers and are able to create content that resonates with … Continue reading

Back to the drawing board for Brand Malaysia

Word reaches me from reliable sources that “Endless possibilities” the Nation Brand tagline chosen for Malaysia and scheduled for an official launch on 17th September will not now be used. The tagline was panned from the outset, primarily because it was used by Mongolia and Israel. Trying to communicate a Nation brand promise in a … Continue reading

Why the tagline “Endless Possibilities” doesn’t matter

Those responsible for developing the Malaysia Nation Brand have come in for a lot of flack since the announcement by the Prime Minister that ‘Endless Possibilities’ was the new Nation Brand tagline. And then, after several days of negative comments, respected news portal the mole reported last Thursday that the official launch of the tagline … Continue reading

Endless Possibilities has endless potential

The response to the “Endless possibilities” tagline has been, as one would expect when discussing a Nation Branding project, emotionally charged. Much of the focus has been on whether or not the tagline has been used by Israel or for that matter Mongolia. In fact, it would seem the tagline has been used not only … Continue reading

How to make the Malaysia Nation Brand strategy successful

Let’s get something straight. A catchy tagline, symbolic logo, pretty colours that symbolize the ‘personality’ of the brand and a custom designed font are not Nation Branding. Glossy advertisements that push the creative envelope and consist of content that is impossible for stakeholders to buy into or live up to, is not Nation Branding. Expensive … Continue reading

What is the greatest brand ever? – updated

My learned friends at truly madly deeply in Australia have written about an article about a chapter in a book on advertising entitled “Hegarty on advertising: Turning intelligence into magic”. The article refers to a discussion on the world’s greatest brand that the author, a creative director at an advertising agency had at a conference. … Continue reading

Social Media in action – a case study

For whatever reason, a guy in the UK called Richard Neill posted a comment on the Facebook page of Bodyform, the manufacturer of female hygiene product Maxipad. Richard complained that Bodyform had lied to him through their advertising. Apparently Richard watched Bodyform commercials on a regular basis as a child and young man and couldn’t … Continue reading

Infographic: The history of marketing

HubSpot, the inbound marketing gurus have come up with an impressive infographic that outlines the history of marketing from the first one dimensional ads of 1450 to the digital, more interactive model of today. It’s a massive infographic that features all the key moments in the evolution of marketing such as the print era that … Continue reading

Proton must fast track core branding activities

Proton Edar CEO Hisham Othman stated recently that the company “Would pay greater attention to product quality and customer service”. That’s a suitably vague statement that can be open to multiple interpretations and I’ll be commenting on it in greater detail soon. In the meantime, here is a useful graphic from Teletech that should help … Continue reading

Five steps to creating a CEO brand

According to a survey by Forbes, 70% of professionals believe they have defined their personal brand and 50% believe they are living it but in fact after greater analysis the report states that less than 15% of executives have actually defined their personal brand and less than 5% are actually living it at work on … Continue reading

Storytelling must be part of your brand strategy

Telling a story has always been an important element of brand building but sadly too many CEOs have left it to advertising agencies and creative campaigns to try and tell their story. This model is flawed because it nearly always focuses more on creativity than content. It is also flawed because few brands have the … Continue reading

Can you afford to turn away business?

Yesterday was a watershed day for me. I asked my secretary to find a new supplier. So she did what everyone does and turned to the Internet. After narrowing down the right search terms, she carried out a search and came up with three websites. The first one we emailed replied within a couple of … Continue reading

Stop advertising and start branding part III

Stop advertising and start branding part III

According to medical anthropologist Dr. Michael L. Tan, “Smoking will kill more people in the next twenty years than HIV/AIDS, accidents, homicides, and suicides combined.” One report estimates that national health care costs for tobacco-related diseases for a population with a smoking prevalence rate of 50% could add up to almost 2% of GDP, or … Continue reading

Turbulence helps Singapore Airlines strengthen its brand

Singapore Airlines only recently reported its group operating profit fell 19.8% to S$229 million (RM564 million). SIA Engineering and SilkAir also reported lower profits while losses for SIA Cargo dived more than 40% from S$119 million to S$167 million. And then a recent Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London made it into the global … Continue reading

Stop advertising and start branding part II

A fascinating insight into the social media and mobile shopping habits of consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore has just been released by SDL in the UK. The survey size is a little small – 4,000 people in four countries – but the results unearth new data on how social media … Continue reading